Be it in the field of water, solar and wind energy or in new sectors such as e-mobility or “solar
cooling” – energy from renewable sources is of enormous importance in Austria. Austrian companies have built up great know-how in these sectors and are often market leaders in their segment.

Hydropower as energy source

There are currently over 700 river power plants and around 3,100 small hydropower plants in operation in Austria, which provide around 60 percent of the overall electricity generated. Austria is Europe’s number one in the use of hydropower and offers innovative companies bundled expertise and a dynamic environment.

Wind Power

At the end of 2020, 1,307 wind turbines with a total output of 3,120 MW generated clean and environmentally friendly electricity for around 2 million households; which is about 50 percent of all Austrian households.

Dynamic solar industry

According to market statistics, 4.92 million m² of thermal solar collectors were operational in Austria at the end of 2020, which corresponds to an installed capacity of approx. 3.44 GWh. This reduces annual CO2 emissions by 345,637 tons. The turnover of the solar thermal industry in 2020 was around 131 million Euros, the industry secures around 1,100 full-time jobs.


The expansion is progressing rapidly with an annual increase of around 340 MW. At the end of 2020, a cumulative total output of all photovoltaic systems of around 2,043 MW was installed in Austria, which means a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 0.9 million tons. Austrian companies in this area achieve an export quota of 15% for PV modules and 93% for inverters.

On November 5, 2021, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Romania organized a webinar together with TPA Romania on energy from renewable sources in Romania. Topics included trends in
legislation as well as EU and other funding opportunities for projects in the field. The online event was rounded off by a company testimonial by Wien Energie (Vienna Energy Forta Naturala SRL).

Plenty of interesting insights into the sector and its top players from Austria can be found in the latest edition of the FRESH VIEW GreenTech magazine, which we send you on request.