Hi-Tech Business Forum, 17th of March, 11 AM

17 Mar 2021

The year 2021 started with positive news in the IT field for Romania. Romania will host, in Bucharest, the European Center of Industrial, Technological and Research Competences in the field of cybersecurity - Cyber Center, being the first structure of the European Union that will have its headquarters in our country. This achievement was possible due to the very good training of the IT staff in Romania, but also due to the fact that this industry was and, will continue to be (if we take a look at the measures adopted by the authorities), a key industry for our country.

The Hi-Tech Business Forum event, in its first edition, is dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information on how companies can achieve positive transformations through digital technologies. Hi-Tech Business Forum aims to bring together IT experts from the private and public sector, to present examples of digital initiatives, technologies with high impact in our everyday life, and the most valuable lessons learned from the previous year.



  • Can the development of the IT industry in Romania be considered a strategic priority at the country level?
  • What can we do to become more attractive to foreign investors in the IT field and to become a global centre dedicated to this industry?
  • How can we ensure, through technical means, the necessary infrastructure to achieve such a plan and how can we invest in the education and training of future Romanian “it-people”?
  • How can the Romanian IT industry be encouraged to evolve as quickly as possible from a support structure (services on demand) to a structure for developing finished products, oriented towards an independent industry?
  • Electronic voting. A beneficial measure for the voting system in Romania? How and when can we expect such a measure?
  • Cybersecurity. How much has the number of frauds due to online purchases and payments increased? What solutions are available to limit incidents or damage? What steps have banks taken to encourage the use of online payments?
  • Changes in the way companies operate. How much electronic archiving of documents increased lately and what are the benefits of this archiving system after the end of the pandemic? How companies have adapted from a technological/digital point of view to the challenges that have arisen in the last year, due to the need for remote work, the provision of the necessary infrastructure to continue the activity, but also the security of internal networks and sensitive data.
  • Cryptocurrencies. What is their role, now and in the future, in the field of online payments? How safe is their storage? What are the advantages of using this payment instrument?







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