The labour market is making a powerful comeback. More and more companies from Romania are considering, yet again, hiring workers from Asia  

The labour market is making a powerful comeback. More and more companies from Romania are considering, yet again, hiring workers from Asia

After several months in which the "import’’ of foreign workers has been stalled, an increasing number of companies, especially from the production and construction sector, are thinking of calling upon the employment of Asian labour.  

At the end of last year, The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection established a maximum number of foreign workers that can be brought to Romania during the course of this year, more exactly 25.000 people. This number is 5.000 lower than last year. The decision to reduce the foreign workers’ quota was taken based on the data communicated by the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI). Even during a year in which most companies rethought their staff recruitment plans, IGI issued 17.578 employment/ secondment notices in the first months of 2020.

Under the conditions in which the labour market indicates a significant activity comeback, as close to that registered before the pandemic, the Romanian companies are itching forward to that moment in which the "hunt" for the perfect candidate will resume the stage we were accustomed to until March 2020. This year, at the end of March, the most important online local recruitment platforms made available tens of thousands of jobs – 18.000 posted on BestJobs and over 23.000 on eJobs. 

From the start of this year, Lumo HR, a company specialized in recruiting staff members from Asian countries like Nepal, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, or Bangladesh, has gradually received an increasing number of requests from Romanian based employers who are interested in supplementing their staff with foreign labour. "The Asian workers are appreciated for their stability in completing the teams of which they are a part of, they adapt easily, are always open to learning new things, hardworking and responsible. For them, a workplace in Europe is an extraordinary opportunity to help support their families, and most of them fully profit from this chance that they have been given", explains the Lumo HR representatives.

Moreover, major companies have made use of Asian workers even during the pandemic. Last year, De’Longhi hired over 30 Sri Lankan workers within its’ factory from Jucu, the biggest production unit from Europe partaking to the Italian group. Also, the Valtryp unit from Bihor, the first company with a fully integrated Romanian capital activating within the automotive sector, incorporated more than 20 workers from Sri Lanka within its' Oradea based factory, and the General Manager and Founder of the company, Mr. Valeriu Trip, is more than happy with this decision. "I am extremely pleased with these workers. Initially, we had 21 workers but seven could not adapt and left to work somewhere else. The rest underwent two months of training, the third month represented the probationary period and after four months, I can clearly say that these workers were well prepared and started generating profit after six months ", adds the Bihor region businessman.


It is a company specialized in recruiting Asian-based staff, for various sectors of activity, and it represents a trustworthy partner for any type of business. Due to a diligent knowledge of the legal framework that helps regulate the stay and labour of foreign citizens in Romania, the company offers employers a complete recruiting and labour placement service package.

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