Press releases

27 May 2022

BASF – the world’s largest chemical company and European leader in research and development, along with AHK Romania, are announcing the BASF Innovation Hub program, which will gather start-ups and innovators from 11 countries of Central and Southeast Europe, including Romania. The project aims to act as a launching platform, supporting start-ups by promoting the best ideas and also by offering a financial support.

25 May 2022

Western Union announces the launch of WU+, its new, integrated digital banking and international money transfer app in Romania. WU+ is backed by the Western Union International Bank, headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

24 May 2022

The Supreme Council of European Business (SCEB) has appointed Alexandru Debrezeni as President of the SCEB Grand Council of Romania during the May 19, 2022 event, organized in partnership with the Romania-UK Chamber of Commerce (BRCC).

18 May 2022

CLAPART is the first Romanian project to bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the media & entertainment market, through a decentralized ecosystem where artists would directly address the public for investment in the development and promotion of their work, and fans they would directly invest in artists' and creators’ projects in exchange for royalties. Thus, the financing, production and appreciation of a work become a common experience for creators and fans, who will have the opportunity to become partners with their favorite artists.

17 May 2022

Saint-Gobain Romania announces a partnership with ENGIE Romania to build the largest on-site photovoltaic park in Romania. The result of this partnership will be a system of photovoltaic panels for the production of renewable energy on the industrial site in Calarasi. The energy production will be used 100% for self-consumption and the photovoltaic system, which has an installed capacity of 8.6 MWp, will be located on Saint-Gobain Romania's premises.

16 May 2022

Cement and lime industry focuses its efforts towards decarbonization to support the European Green Deal goals and contribute to building a carbon neutral society by 2050. However, meeting the carbon dioxide reduction goals requires significant investments, which are in turn contingent on a stable and favorable regulatory framework.

16 May 2022

Instant Factoring, the first online micro-factoring fintech in Romania, that is dedicated to small and medium companies and microenterprises, and TechVentures Bank, the Romanian universal bank with a tradition of 13 years on the market, are partnering to support SMEs, but also any other company that has difficulties in managing the cash flow or that wants concrete development solutions.

12 May 2022

Philip Morris International (PMI) and Strategic Thinking Group have published the study "The Economic Impact of Philip Morris International in Romania – Philip Morris International's Contribution to Value Creation and Sustainable Development in Romania". The study analyzed the evolution of the main indicators related to the company's activity in the period 2016-2020.

11 May 2022

Oveit, the American company of Romanian origin that combines the experience of the events with live shopping through digital online ticketing and live stream shopping solutions, launches Oveit Wallet. The new product complements Oveit Pay, a solution already established in the company's portfolio. Both payment technology products are appropriate for festivals, event organizers, or amusement parks, running through a company-owned blockchain system for increased payment security.

09 May 2022

The European IT group Cegeka continues to grow year after year. Based in Hasselt, Belgium, the tech group, closed the 2021 financial year with a consolidated turnover of €744 million: this is a 16% increase over the previous year. 2021 was another year of continuous growth, innovation, and investment for Cegeka, and these impressive figures are the icing on the cake for Cegeka's 30th anniversary in 2022.