Romanian business people from around the world have worked together for 4 days at the RePatriot 2021 Summit held in Bucharest and Sinaia, an event marked by the joy to make Romania better. The event, a strategic pillar of the most important movement that connects Romanians from far and wide was attended, face-to-face, by 149 leaders and over 1,000 Romanians from all over the world connected online.

The official opening took place at the Romanian Parliament in an attempt to give more credibility to the Romanian authorities. Sandra Pralong, Adrian Zuckerman, Anca Dragu, Valentin Făgărășian, Iulian Popescu, Marius Bostan, Felix Pătrășcanu, Dragoș Anastasiu, along with other Romanian entrepreneurs from abroad, have shown the major role of the Diaspora in strengthening Romania, a role underestimated by the political class.

“What we need now is for Romanians to reconnect more strongly with the
motherland. Opportunities abound and we can exploit together. The most important bridge for Romania is the one with the people, with Romanians everywhere, a bridge based on trust, because this one will help us build real bridges and highways. Romania’s national treasure is not in the vaults of the NBR, but in the Diaspora”, said Marius Bostan, initiator of RePatriot.

“Many of any country’s problems can be solved through entrepreneurship, we just need to be open-minded, to be together and to see the opportunities coming our way. It is very important that civic duty is brought to Romania, to force a change in the mindset for the benefit of all”, said Felix Pătrășcanu, co-founder of FAN Courier.

“In the `90s, when I came back, it would have been far easier had I had entrepreneurs, as examples, to follow, to ask for advice, an idea, a helping hand. I persevered and I created Betty Ice. The opportunities we have now come in a larger number than the problems, and the chances to succeed in Romania are greater than in the Western countries”, pointed out Vasile Armenean.

Wherever we are in the world, our hearts come home

“I am among those who argue that we need a story, a powerful, that cannot be ignored story; it is the most important thing Romania can offer today. We must work together; we cannot do anything alone. Strategically, with a well-defined goal, which we adopt with conviction”, said Mihai Lehene - Founder of MDL Investments Algorithmic and Romanian United Fund.

Dragoș Anastasiu, leader of the RePatriot Turism programme, said that Romania often does not seem authentic and neither do some entrepreneurs, but “Authentic Romania exists, this is important and it must be promoted intensively. RePatriot Turism’s message is reiterated by Romanians abroad, who have already recommended tourist destinations in Romania”.

The “Top 100 Romanians Abroad” Gala showcased 100 outstanding Romanians in 10 key fields, selected following nominations received from around the world. “We wish we could offer this appreciation to at least 1,000 Romanians every year. There are so many of them, and so good, that any normal government in the world would like to have them close to them,” Marius Bostan added.

We believe in Romania and we propose that on 1 December we sing the National Anthem, wherever we are, at 12 o’clock, Romanian time. Special guests from all over the world will be joining us, and the event will be broadcast live (11:00 - 14:00) on and on the Facebook page of RePatriot as well as on the pages of other partners.

God bless Romania and Romanians everywhere! United we will overcome all hardships.