The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala rewarded again this year the lifelong work and dedication of some of the most amazing Romanians, who have the passion and curiosity to find answers in science, art and culture.

The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, granted annually by Alexandrion Foundation since 2014, bear the name of the great voivode who built, with determination, audacity, ambition and charisma, a solid legacy.

The 2021 edition has been organised in a context where valuable people’s creations need appreciation and confirmation more than ever.

“Lately, we’ve been going through an era of prohibition. The pandemic has given us glimpses of what our lives would look like without seeing each other face to face, to communicate on a deeper level and to discover ourselves through others. All the more so, this event was a fantastic opportunity to come together again and celebrate science and culture, the way we as a society reflect on who we are, where we have been, and where we hope to be.” Laura Dragomir - brand ambassador Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards.

Authentic creations are a gift for the future and the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala is a cultural landmark and, year after year, the meeting place for great Romanian cultural and scientific personalities.

“Culture and faith play an extremely important role in such moments. They can balance the states a society goes through. Just as Constantin Brâncoveanu, the spiritual father of this Gala, dedicated his entire life to faith and to the development of Romanian culture, so we too owe it to preserve it, to support its development and to pass it on to future generations.” Nawaf Salameh - Chairman of the Alexandrion Foundation.

The Alexandrion Foundation has so far awarded more than 70 personalities from various fields of culture and science and, because value knows no borders, the event has expanded globally. As of 2019, editions have also been organised in the USA, France, Germany and England, under the name “Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards Gala”.

Brâncoveanu’s name is also linked to Vinars Brâncoveanu, the premium range of Alexandrion Group portfolio, which brings together the prestigious value of tradition, the quality and flavour of a product offering great refinement and an unmistakable local touch. Vinars Brâncoveanu is a unique, valuable, respected brand, awarded at major international competitions, sought after, envied, with a growing foreign market. Naturally, part of the success of the Brâncoveanu brand goes back to the culture from which it was born, fulfilling the ambitions of the great Christian voivode as founder and creator of culture.

Vinars Brâncoveanu has been created to honour the 25 years of peace in Wallachia during the reign of the voivode Constantin Brâncoveanu. Exported to more than 50 countries, it has won several medals at the most prestigious international competitions and thus tells the story of Brâncoveanu to the whole world. It is among Romania’s best ambassadors, as are the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards – granted as a tribute to the values of Romanian culture. If we want to preserve our culture, it is important to keep creating and celebrating it.

We thank the Hellenic-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce for being with us again this year.