The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has revealed its new identity that aims to reposition the brand as a suitable choice for the investments of each Romanian and a catalyst for the development of companies in Romania. In a modern and current style and visual language, BVB aims to attract new companies, partners, and investors and, at the same time, to reinforce its role as a hub of the local capital market and a landmark for economic evolution. The new identity, launched on October 4th, places the BVB brand into the current context, governed by digitalization, giving it a minimalist, scalable and easily recognizable shape. The symbol is a stylized interpretation of the previous one, inspired in its execution from elements of Romanian iconography. In its new shape, it perfectly integrates the idea of past and future and poignantly conveys the values that helped develop BVB over time.

“With the new identity we respect our history and enhance our future. We are at a point of inflection where the Exchange new look has become a necessity. Romania has been awarded the status of Emerging Market, which it builds upon and which it will expand among
global index providers. Meanwhile, more and more companies resort to
capital market mechanisms for funding and development. Moreover, next December we shall celebrate 140 years since the Exchange has been part of the Romanian context. We are drawing on the opportunity this provides, namely in developing the BVB brand to better communicate what it represents for the Romanian entrepreneurs and investors. We wish to reinforce the exchange position as a feasible mechanism for company funding and growth, as it has become evident that we can no longer seriously talk about economy without including the stock market into the conversation. In other words, we wish to become one of the main pillars of the funding ecosystem for local companies” stated Radu Hanga, President of the BVB Board of Directors.

“It is an important stage in the BVB brand communication. Together with our team and our partners, alongside the technical solutions available and the new brand communication that is now reinforcing our vision, we can develop a representative stock exchange for the new stage which the local capital market has reached. I am proud to lead the team who made it possible for the stock exchange to reach a fundamental stage in its development. The new brand identity has emerged from the need to align the stock exchange image with market development projects, the most important one being the Central Counterparty, which will become operational by the end of next year. In essence, we are developing the capital market both horizontally and vertically, so that investment on the stock exchange may become a habit for the Romanians. The new BVB slogan aims to drive, motivate and inspire because the stock exchange is for every one of us, and only by investing we can ensure a better future”, said Adrian Tănase, General Manager of BVB.

Florin Cepraga, Senior PR Specialist, Bucharest Stock Exchange