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Why are you here?

02 December 2021
This is a question which I was asked recently, in the context of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce – or, perhaps more succinctly, “what is the Chamber for?”. Whilst this may seem to be an odd question given that the Chamber was established in 1998, it is probably a good idea to take stock periodically and to quote Eugen Ionescu, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question”.

Vision by PlayStation

02 December 2021
We could say that this is a realm of fantasy, where all dogma are put on a shelf. A place where we can negotiate the laws of physics, and set up our own traffic code.

How to better manage conflicts

02 December 2021
We all know this from our daily life at home or in the office: different opinions emerge in discussions and we often do not know what to do. Many people withdraw from the scene („I do not like conflict“) or use verbal violence to make things clear. Both strategies do not work because the conflict is not really solved.

Conflicts of Energy

02 December 2021
Go to a party one of these days and the recurring topic of small talk will be energy. Potentially doubling or even tripling heating costs generate emotionally charged discussions: the *&$* people in the government let us down when they went along with energy market liberalization, how are we supposed to cover the huge gas bill in January?, a man might ask, his partner shaking her head in disbelief over the prospect of forking out a few hundred euros each winter month.
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