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NRCC White Paper: Defining the „New Normal” and a Roadmap for Economic Recovery

16 July 2021
According to a survey conducted by the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC), one of the most active bilateral chambers in Romania, 70% of the respondents indicated to require support in the area of advocacy. The organization, which has been supporting and promoting the Dutch-Romanian business community for more than 15 years, has recently published an extensive White Paper which summarizes the priority areas and policy recommendations of NRCC for the next period.

Speeding up change

28 June 2021
Judging by figures reported by the National Bank of Romania (BNR), the banking industry has dodged a bullet during the COVID pandemic of last year.

Our heroes vs. our children’s heroes

28 June 2021
Adventure, the inner need to challenge us as a species, the latent hunger for discoveries generated by curiosity ... made the human species discover the New World, and in a way, sealed the destiny and the particular lifestyle of the United States.

Risks, regulations and cryptocurrencies

28 June 2021
Cryptocurrencies are digital money created by a programming code. A cryptocurrency is not issued by a bank or central authority and it is therefore virtually immune to any governmental manipulation or any interference by any state authority. This time however, the lack of regulation does not offer absolute freedoms to the investors, yet it brings about especially significant risks.

Kudos for dreaming big

28 June 2021
The COVID pandemic has not hurt only the hospitality and event business, which are only the most obvious and visible victims with a large number of directly affected people. Less evident to the public, global semiconductor chip shortages led to huge manufacturing problems at automobile plants all over the world, many of them having to stop production for certain periods of time and incurring big losses.

The Office is dead! Long live the Office!

10 February 2021
The future is hybrid With all these changes happening the purpose of the office will evolve even faster from mainly “a place of production” to more complex objectives like Client Interaction and Representation, Innovation and Creativity, Culture & Branding, Socializing, Satisfaction, and Retention of Personnel.

SME Digitalisation: Charting a course towards resilience and recovery

15 December 2020
It is widely accepted that SMEs are the “backbone” of the Romanian economy. Small businesses account for 52.7% of total value added and 65.8% of employment in Romania making them integral to innovation and job creation.  What is more open to debate is how governments can best support SMEs through this unprecedented period of economic challenge – and the role digital tools and solutions can play in driving greater business stability and resilience. At Vodafone, we provide a comprehensive range of digital services to small businesses in Romania, and so we are well placed to help identify the solutions that will enable them to achieve the digital transformation that will deliver long-term growth.

Legal: Simion, Nere & Iordache Law Firm

14 December 2020
It is a real honor to participate in the first edition of the Romanian-English bilingual magazine, with wide addressability in the international business environment - TheBizz Magazine, a project that has the genes of success from DeBizz Magazine, which has been for more than 15 years, the only German-Romanian business magazine in Romania, of real interest among large corporations, SMEs but also entrepreneurs.

IULIUS – 20 Years of Experience in Urban Regeneration, with Projects of Over One Billion Euros

14 December 2020
Although active since 1991, IULIUS has been present on the real estate market under this name as of the year 2000, when it launched the first shopping centre outside of the Capital. Ever since, the company executed the most ambitious urban regeneration projects, which have become anchors for their communities and development resources for cities like Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava.
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