It is a real honor to participate in the first edition of the Romanian-English bilingual magazine, with wide addressability in the international business environment - TheBizz Magazine, a project that has the genes of success from DeBizz Magazine, which has been for more than 15 years, the only German-Romanian business magazine in Romania, of real interest among large corporations, SMEs but also entrepreneurs.
The Civil Law Firm Simion, Nere & Iordache, together with our partners, set out to initiate professional articles in the field of business, with the customization of topics according to the fields of professional interest of this publication. The Simion, Nere & Iordache Civil Law Firm, SNI, is one of the first of its kind in Romania, founded in 2003, to support the corporate environment and not only. We have an individualized, at the same time systematic approach, adapted to the needs of each client - we make sure that what is put into practice as a result of our advice has a positive impact on the client’s company. At this moment we have an experience of over 3,000 litigation and legal consulting mandates, which is why we contribute to the confirmation and refinement of companies’ strategies and operations, based both on experience, on the effects of legislative changes already in force, but also in anticipation, by generating protective mechanisms. It will be important for 2021 to succeed in simplifying the junction of the legal meanings in accordance with the rise of the online business environment, as well as to detect opportunities and risks, at the same fast pace with which certain business sectors are evolving, among those in which we operate: generalist, corporate, technology, construction and environment, financial services. Let’s not forget that Romania has important growths in the EU in the field of construction and IT, the reason for which, despite the health crisis, the business environment will have an extremely important role to generate the premises of economic growth.
Good luck TheBizz Magazine!