NRCC White Paper: Defining the „New Normal” and a Roadmap for Economic Recovery

16 July 2021
According to a survey conducted by the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC), one of the most active bilateral chambers in Romania, 70% of the respondents indicated to require support in the area of advocacy. The organization, which has been supporting and promoting the Dutch-Romanian business community for more than 15 years, has recently published an extensive White Paper which summarizes the priority areas and policy recommendations of NRCC for the next period.

Risks, regulations and cryptocurrencies

28 June 2021
Cryptocurrencies are digital money created by a programming code. A cryptocurrency is not issued by a bank or central authority and it is therefore virtually immune to any governmental manipulation or any interference by any state authority. This time however, the lack of regulation does not offer absolute freedoms to the investors, yet it brings about especially significant risks.

Kudos for dreaming big

28 June 2021
The COVID pandemic has not hurt only the hospitality and event business, which are only the most obvious and visible victims with a large number of directly affected people. Less evident to the public, global semiconductor chip shortages led to huge manufacturing problems at automobile plants all over the world, many of them having to stop production for certain periods of time and incurring big losses.

The 17th edition of the Bucharest International Film Festival (BIFF)will take place between 3 - 12 September in the capital city, focussing on Greek cinema

28 June 2021
CHARTA Foundation, in collaboration with the Cultural Association “Grigore Vasiliu Birlic”, organises under the High Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania, from 3 – 12 September 2021, the 17th edition of the Bucharest International Film Festival, the first major feature film competition organised in the capital city.

About pensions and their management

29 April 2021
I cannot stop reminding that pension is not a gift that the State offers us! And it is not a favour made by a fleeting government, even though pension becomes so often an electoral bait.
The exchange rate
1 Leu
24 July 2021


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