Fulga Dinu, Country Manager Operations, IMMOFINANZ: ”The social aspect and personal interaction are particularly crucial for innovation and productivity in companies”

30 July 2021
Fulga Dinu, a manager with two decades of experience on the real estate market, leads the local operations of the Austrian company IMMOFINANZ, one of the most important real estate developers in Romania. In an interview with TheBizz Magazine, she talks about the evolution of the company’s activity and the measures implemented last year, in a difficult and atypical context marked by the pandemic, the current investment projects and development directions established for the next period.

Making a difference together!

30 July 2021
Light into Europe Charity works for a world where persons with disabilities have equal opportunities for education and employment; working together with Blind or Deaf children and adults and in collaboration with anyone who shares these ideals, both in Romania and in Europe. Stan Platt, OBE shares the journey of Light into Europe in Romania.

A New Vice-President for the NRCC in 2021

30 July 2021
The NRCC Board of Directors appointed as its new Vice-President Mr. Serban Isopescu-Weber, Health Systems Leader of Philips Romania, venerable & supportive member of the NRCC!

Vargha Moayed, UiPath: ”We are definitely moving into a hybrid world and many things including work organization will be redefined and refined in the coming months”

28 June 2021
Vargha Moayed is Chief Strategy Officer of UiPath, a leading enterprise software automation company. In this role, Moayed works closely with UiPath CEO Daniel Dines and the senior leadership to formulate and communicate key strategic initiatives. He is responsible for ensuring strategic plans are implemented rapidly and that all operational areas are informed, aligned, and accountable.

Dealing with the Dutch

24 March 2021
Recently the NRCC organized through a series of webinars its annual Exploring Doing Business in NL. At the topic HR-Recruitment, Gerard Koolen (partner at Lugera) shared some interesting knowledge about what Romanian companies face in the Netherlands.

Salesianer: Reinventing the field of industrial textile laundries

28 February 2021
Adrian Chiorean, aged 40, graduated Marketing within the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, and the Master Program of the International Economic Relations Faculty. Employee of the Salesianer Miettex company since 2007, he held chronologically the position of Business Developer in hotels and medical sector, after which between 2012-2014 he dealt with the development of the company at national level, managing the Sales Department. Since January 2015 he has been holding the position of Company Administrator.

Un-bank Yourself? A sit down with Constantin Rotariu of Bitcoin Romania

22 February 2021
As cryptocurrency is on the rise, so is its popularity on a grander scale. Where it was first a novelty for early adopters and investors, the use and the way people can use them bring to light the advantages. For example, Bitcoin, since its arrival more than 10 years ago, went in value from just a few cents to the recent all-time high of 35,000 EURO.
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18 September 2021


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