Dealing with the Dutch

24 March 2021
Recently the NRCC organized through a series of webinars its annual Exploring Doing Business in NL. At the topic HR-Recruitment, Gerard Koolen (partner at Lugera) shared some interesting knowledge about what Romanian companies face in the Netherlands.

Salesianer: Reinventing the field of industrial textile laundries

28 February 2021
Adrian Chiorean, aged 40, graduated Marketing within the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, and the Master Program of the International Economic Relations Faculty. Employee of the Salesianer Miettex company since 2007, he held chronologically the position of Business Developer in hotels and medical sector, after which between 2012-2014 he dealt with the development of the company at national level, managing the Sales Department. Since January 2015 he has been holding the position of Company Administrator.

Un-bank Yourself? A sit down with Constantin Rotariu of Bitcoin Romania

22 February 2021
As cryptocurrency is on the rise, so is its popularity on a grander scale. Where it was first a novelty for early adopters and investors, the use and the way people can use them bring to light the advantages. For example, Bitcoin, since its arrival more than 10 years ago, went in value from just a few cents to the recent all-time high of 35,000 EURO.

Alukönigstahl is Celebrating a Quarter of a Century on the Construction Market in Romania. The Adventure Goes on.

15 December 2020
Attila Beer has an experience of over 25 years in the field of facades systems.  He is a graduate of the Technical University in Budapest, and after a short stint as a journalist, started his activity at Alukönigstahl Hungary in 1993.  After the opening of the Romania branch in 1995, he trained and led the local sales team here. Like a good manager, he got personally involved in the most important projects to which Alukönigstahl has brought added value through its innovative solutions. As of 2016, he also manages the Alukönigstahl branch in the Republic of Moldova.

H.E. Andrew Noble, British Ambassador to Romania: 
„We are seeing a significant increase in British interest in this market and I would encourage British companies to come and see for themselves what this country has to offer”

15 December 2020
In the summer of 2018, you took over the position of Great Britain’s Ambassador in Romania, in over three decades from the first contact with our country, as secretary within Great Britain’s Embassy in Bucharest. How did you perceive the communist Romania of the ‘80s and how profound are the changes arising here, in the period after December 1989?

Tom Leene, Gkn Fokker: Two of the Major Reasons Why We Chose to Invest in Romania Were the Long Aviation History and the High Skilled Workforce

14 December 2020
Tom Leene is the Director of GKN Fokker Engineering Romania and the President of the Netherlands Romania Chamber of Commerce (NRCC). Although at 34 years still relatively young, he has spent a considerable time of his professional career abroad and has now lived in Romania for over three years. Next to Aerospace, he has a passion for sports and does a lot of running, cycling and triathlons.

Peter Gastberger, Senses: „Comparing to other virtual communications tools, VR excels in emotional stimulations”

14 December 2020
From a technical point of view, virtual reality is a space that can be visited on the Internet with an Internet browser and through worlds that are very real, or correspond to reality, or are fictional with varying degrees. That means being able to visit places you want at any time with a mouse click. Places that you have never been able to visit, or never will be. Because with virtual reality you can create fictional environments. On the emotional side, it is an incredibly great alternative to the living reality. With virtual reality we are independent of space and time. We can communicate with other people or go on a journey of discovery on our own.
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