Speeding up change

28 June 2021
Judging by figures reported by the National Bank of Romania (BNR), the banking industry has dodged a bullet during the COVID pandemic of last year.

Our heroes vs. our children’s heroes

28 June 2021
Adventure, the inner need to challenge us as a species, the latent hunger for discoveries generated by curiosity ... made the human species discover the New World, and in a way, sealed the destiny and the particular lifestyle of the United States.

Romanian companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange reach record highs

08 June 2021
The Romanian companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) have become increasingly valuable as investors have maintained their confidence in the prospects for the evolution of the local economic environment. The market value of local companies listed on BVB’s main market exceeded the level reached before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Scapegoats in the Pandemic

29 April 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought public life to a virtual standstill. Confined to our homes for long stretches of time, we stopped going out, limiting ourselves to talks on Zoom or similar platforms. Businesses relying on their customers‘ physical presence were greatly affected, but one industry was hit especially hard. Some people like to go see a movie or a play from time to time. Others prefer sport events. Some folks like museums. Others go to concerts. But almost all of us are at least on some occasions patrons in restaurants. We don‘t even have to like it - think of boring dinner parties.

VGP strengthens its position on the Romanian market by launching two new parks Brasov & Bucharest

29 April 2021
VGP, the pan-European provider of high-quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate, strengthens its position on the Romanian market by developing new locations in Bucharest and Brasov. At the European level, the Belgian developer ended the pandemic year 2020 with a record net profit of 370.9 million euros, and no less than 33 projects under construction, two of which in our country.

The challenge called Stellantis

29 April 2021
Stellantis, a group born following the merger FCA – Fiat Chr ysler Automobiles and PSA Group. 99% of the shareholders voted in favour of the merger, and since January 2021, Stellantis has become a reality.

The Romanian capital market is up 18% in 12 months. Nearly a quarter of this growth pace, achieved in the first two months this year

29 April 2021
The Romanian capital market brought significant increases for the investors trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). In a context dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, the last 12 months brought an increase of 17.7% in the BET-TR index, which also includes dividends. Thus, in the last trading session of February 2020, BET-TR was at a level of 14,599 points, while at the end of last month it reached 17,139 points.

What a waste!

24 March 2021
If there is one particular area of public policy in Romania requiring urgent action, it is by far the environment. On all environmental fronts Romania is lagging far behind other countries, being targeted over the years by numerous infringement proceedings conducted by the European Union.


24 March 2021
The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Carlos Ghosn, Luca de Meo… many things have happened in the backyard of the third worldwide largest automobile producer. And for the perfect storm to happen, the pandemic came along.
The exchange rate
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24 July 2021


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