The brave new world of work

05 October 2021
The still headline grabbing COVID-crisis is said to have an upside as well. Picture a young man or woman sitting on a comfortable chair at a beach bar, his or her relaxed gaze brushing on turquoise ocean waters, finally resting on serene green hilltops. A cold drink is placed right next to a laptop showing a pie-chart. Of course, slight variations of the idyllic view are also possible, with coffees instead of drinks, tablets instead of laptops and other graphs.

Hunt of fresh air

05 October 2021
I do not know about the others but here on European meadows, we concluded that we want fresh air, as fresh as possible. In the hope that echoes from Brussels will be taken into account on our realms, let s look at what the future holds for us.

EU 2026: Greener & more digital

30 July 2021
Europe is now on the move. If no new wave of COVID will hit the world this autumn (though there is a certain risk that something like this will happen, with everybody traveling again and the highly contagious Delta variant of the SARS COV 2 on a rampage), in the second part of this year an unprecedented fever of investment and reform will take over the European Union and will bring about deep structural changes over a very brief period.

Trophy hunting

30 July 2021
As an automotive journalist, I have often encountered the question: Which is the most expensive car? So ... let me answer this question.

Growth booster on Bucharest Stock Exchange in the first half of the year: 12 new equity issuers and 16 new bond issues

30 July 2021
The capital market is becoming more and more attractive for Romanian entrepreneurial businesses, which use the stock market to boost their growth. The first half of the year brought to the stock market 12 new equity issues. Also in the first half of this year, 16 new financial instruments were listed on the fixed income segment. In the first six months, the issues of equity and bonds listed on BVB exceeded EUR 700 million.

Speeding up change

28 June 2021
Judging by figures reported by the National Bank of Romania (BNR), the banking industry has dodged a bullet during the COVID pandemic of last year.

Our heroes vs. our children’s heroes

28 June 2021
Adventure, the inner need to challenge us as a species, the latent hunger for discoveries generated by curiosity ... made the human species discover the New World, and in a way, sealed the destiny and the particular lifestyle of the United States.

Romanian companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange reach record highs

08 June 2021
The Romanian companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) have become increasingly valuable as investors have maintained their confidence in the prospects for the evolution of the local economic environment. The market value of local companies listed on BVB’s main market exceeded the level reached before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
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18 October 2021


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