Romanian-American University – three decades dedicated to performance in education  

Romanian-American University – three decades dedicated to performance in education

With 30 years of experience, the Romanian-American University - the first university in Romania founded after the educational values of American higher education - contributes to the promotion of excellence in education, scientific research, and innovation through its study programs and student and society-oriented university activities as a whole.

“The three decades until now challenged us enormously and demanded us to continuously adapt, harmoniously develop, […] The balance sheet of our first 30 years gives us hope: 7 Schools having over 2,600 enrolled students, international students from over 40 countries, dozens of courses taught annually by international guest teachers, over 200 tenured and non-tenured teachers, over 200 partnership agreements with educational institutions around the world; a sports field and a modern campus. The great family of the Romanian-American University grows year after year, with each promotion that proudly adds to more than 48,000 graduates.” declares Professor Costel Negricea, Ph.D., Rector of the Romanian-American University.

Tax-free places for 20% of students

The Romanian-American University has invested in education and performance, financially supporting its students by granting scholarships, including fully covering the tuition fee for its best students.

Each year, 20% of the places entered in the competition for bachelor’s programs, i.e. 10% in master’s programs, taught in Romanian, are free of charge, while on the same principle, reductions in the tuition fee for international students, from English taught programs.

“The Romanian-American University has invested more than 2 million Euros from its own resources up to now to support the high level of academic performance among young people by awarding 6,200 performance scholarships (GPA 10), scholarships (for Romanian taught programs, 20% for bachelor programs and 10% for master programs) and social scholarships. Thus, thousands of students and master’s students have the opportunity to study in an elite private university, nationally and internationally competitive, without personal financial investment”, says the Rector of the Romanian-American University, Professor Costel Negricea, Ph.D.

Over 200 partnership agreements with educational institutions around the world

Since its foundation, the Romanian-American University has set out to establish connections with North American, European, and other continent universities, considering the international experience a vital component of student education and teacher training in the University.

Going back in history, the University’s first international contact, by correspondence, was with James Madison University (USA) in 1992, the year in which the first stage of the exchange of teachers began. The first “ready-to-implement” European project (Leonardo da Vinci) took place in 2001, followed by the First Erasmus Charter (2004) and the establishment of the Erasmus office at the Romanian-American University (2005).

In the Asian area, the “Centre of Romanian-Japanese Studies” was established in 2005, with the support of the Japanese Embassy in Bucharest, which was joined in the years following the “Centre of Romanian-Korean Studies”, the “Centre of Romanian-Chinese Studies” and the “Centre of Romanian-Azeri Studies”, all centers being currently part of the Department of Asian Studies. Since 2010, the University’s educational offer has been diversified through new bachelor and master programs, taught exclusively in English.

“After three decades, the Romanian-American University has consolidated its position as an international education and exposure platform, through its 200 partnerships with educational institutions around the world, partnerships that offer University students opportunities for personal and professional development, through scholarships and practice abroad, but also in the country, directly to the University, through the 20-30 courses organized annually with international professors from our partner universities”, states Professor Costel Negricea, Ph.D., Rector of the Romanian-American University.

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