Non-reimbursable Funds Consultancy together with WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS  

Non-reimbursable Funds Consultancy together with WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS
Bogdan Hossu, General Manager

Presentation of WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS, history, competency, services

WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS is a consultancy company for business and project management since 2009. The main area of its activity is providing expert advice on non-reimbursable financing, with extensive experience in accessing European funds, Government funds (state aids) and other types of grants, as well as in the management of investment projects funded by non-reimbursable funds. WFS constantly provides support to the clients in implementing their investment projects and mediating the relationship between potential beneficiaries and institutions that coordinate the implementation and the management of non-reimbursable financial assistance.

WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS offers the following main services:

•Financial investment assistance,
•Development of the grant projects which includes: identifying sources of funding, eligibility review and the development of documentation necessary to access grants,
•Project management (Implementation of funded projects) which includes: Planning and controlling project activities, Preparing tender documentation, Elaboration of applications for reimbursement, Preparing project progress reports.

In addition, WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS offers complementary services for business or project development such as: Legal consultancy (drawing up contracts and legal opinions, negotiating contracts on behalf of the client, complex legal activities); Legal deeds and representation before various authorities – creating new companies, preparing documents; Design services such as: Design of civil and industrial buildings, including: Feasibility Study, Technical documentation for construction authorization, Technical design project and execution details, Expertise for preparation of technical documentation for non-reimbursable financing projects (EU funds and State aid); Financial advisory, IT Services & Digitalisation, Human Resources And Training Services, Insurances, GDPR Consultancy.

Why WFS is the right partner to access the EU funds and Government State Aid?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of non-reimbursable funds (European Funds and State Aids) and a whole and experienced team of experts – One-Stop Shop – European funds experts, Project Managers, Financial Experts, Project Evaluators, Public Procurement Experts, Technical specialists, lawyers specialized in European funds and state aids.
We have developed and managed a large variety of investment projects including major investment projects (over € 100 million/ project), in different fields of activity. Most of our projects belong to the manufacturing sector especially automotive, but we also have projects in agriculture, tourism, health, IT sector, food industry, plastic industry, business incubators, industrial parks and so on.
Many of our projects are foreign investments because our aim is not only in Romanian companies support but also in foreign companies support.
We have a high success rate of the projects we have submitted, because we carry out an accurate analysis of the applicants and the project idea and we decide to involve only in the development of the projects that we know that are eligible and have real chances to get financing. Our success rate is based not only on hard work but also on the enthusiasm and flexible approach trained during working on large scale projects that include multiple stakeholders.
We are a One Stop Shop company, offering all necessary services for investment projects or business development such as: Specific consultancy on EU Funds, State Aids and other grants, Project Management services, Design services, Legal services, Financial Advisory, Human Resources, IT Services & Digitalisation.
We are members of: Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce – NRCC, British Romanian Chamber of Commerce – BRCC, French Romanian Chamber of Commerce – CCIFER, Japanese Chamber of Business Association.
We have partnerships at regional level so we can help any investor to get into countries such as Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Greece.

An overview over the Romanian State Aids for SMEs and Large enterprises

During this period, the Romanian Government makes available to the companies a whole series of financing measures, in the context generated by the Covid pandemic, in order to support the companies and especially the SMEs. Thus, in the next period, a series of programs with non-reimbursable financing for SMEs will be launched, such as: Investment grant of up to 200,000 Euros for the development of current or new activities or Digitization of SMEs offering a grant of up to 100,000 Euro (representing 90% of the investment value) for the purchase of IT equipment, software and computer applications necessary to digitize the companies’ activity, also the Electric Up program offering a non-reimbursable aid of up to 100,000 Euro, 100% non-reimbursable for the installation of photovoltaic panels for electricity and recharging stations for electric and plug - in hybrid electric vehicles.
For large companies, but also for SMEs, there are two important state aid schemes managed by the Ministry of Public Finance, launched in 2014 and which will continue until 2023, due to the extension approved this year. One of them is the State aid scheme for stimulating investments with major impact on the economy, established by GD 807/2014, through which companies that make investments worth at least 1 million Euros can obtain a non-reimbursable financing of up to 50% of the investment value. The aid can be a maximum of 37.5 million euros. This State aid is granted for the establishment of new production/ service units, for the expansion of existing units as well as for the diversification of the activity/ products of an existing unit. State aid can be used for the construction of buildings, the purchase of machinery, equipment and technological installations necessary for carrying out the activity. This state aid can also be accessed by start-ups, not just by long-standing companies.
The second state aid scheme managed by the Ministry of Public Finance to support the companies planning to create new jobs, is the State aid scheme to support investments that promote regional development through job creation, established by GD 332/2014. Through this scheme, companies that create at least 100 jobs can get state aid of up to 50% of the total salary costs related to new jobs, for a period of 2 consecutive years. As in the case of state aid for investment GD 807, this scheme can be accessed by both existing and newly established companies, both large companies and SMEs, and the non-reimbursable aid can reach up to 37.5 million euros per company.

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