28 Jun 2021

The Romanian-American University has invested in education and performance, financially supporting its students by granting scholarships, including fully covering the tuition fee for its best students.

14 Dec 2020

Although active since 1991, IULIUS has been present on the real estate market under this name as of the year 2000, when it launched the first shopping centre outside of the Capital. Ever since, the company executed the most ambitious urban regeneration projects, which have become anchors for their communities and development resources for cities like Iași, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Suceava.

14 Dec 2020

WISE FINANCE SOLUTIONS is a consultancy company for business and project management since 2009. The main area of its activity is providing expert advice on non-reimbursable financing, with extensive experience in accessing European funds, Government funds (state aids) and other types of grants, as well as in the management of investment projects funded by non-reimbursable funds. WFS constantly provides support to the clients in implementing their investment projects and mediating the relationship between potential beneficiaries and institutions that coordinate the implementation and the management of non-reimbursable financial assistance.