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Fulga Dinu, Country Manager Operations, IMMOFINANZ: ”The social aspect and personal interaction are particularly crucial for innovation and productivity in companies”

30 July 2021
Fulga Dinu, a manager with two decades of experience on the real estate market, leads the local operations of the Austrian company IMMOFINANZ, one of the most important real estate developers in Romania. In an interview with TheBizz Magazine, she talks about the evolution of the company’s activity and the measures implemented last year, in a difficult and atypical context marked by the pandemic, the current investment projects and development directions established for the next period.

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Vargha Moayed, UiPath: ”We are definitely moving into a hybrid world and many things including work organization will be redefined and refined in the coming months”

Paul J.R. Renaud, the author of Demigods, Aliens, and Ordinary People: „Networking is a very good tool for everybody, within any organization”

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EU 2026: Greener & more digital

30 July 2021
Europe is now on the move. If no new wave of COVID will hit the world this autumn (though there is a certain risk that something like this will happen, with everybody traveling again and the highly contagious Delta variant of the SARS COV 2 on a rampage), in the second part of this year an unprecedented fever of investment and reform will take over the European Union and will bring about deep structural changes over a very brief period.

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